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Dec 20, 2023

Physical theatre company Gecko, based in Ipswich, was founded in 2001 by Amit Lahav, who is still its Artistic Director.

The company’s latest production, Kin, toured the UK in 2023 and will be at the National Theatre in London in January 2024.

Amit spoke to BTG Editor David Chadderton about the origins of the production in the story of his grandmother Leah’s journey from Yemen to Palestine as a child in 1932 to escape persecution, how this developed to look at migration stories more widely, the politics of migration then and now and Gecko’s—and Amit’s—creative process in making theatre.

Kin will run at the Lyttelton Theatre from 12 to 27 January 2024.

(Photo of Amit Lahav in Kin by Gecko (c) Malachy Luckie)