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Sep 21, 2017

Mark Smith talks to Gilly Roche, the West Yorkshire Playhouse's New Work Producer, as she launches this year's Furnace Festival celebrating a range of new work in the north.

Roche has been part of a recent reorganisation of the support for new artists at the theatre, which offers a year-long forum in which theatre makers can forge links and try out work-in-progress works in an unpressured environment.

She talks about the works, both new and well-established, at this year's festival, her career leading to this current post, and the Scratch culture which she and her colleagues are hoping to nurture at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

For more information, see the West Yorkshire Playhouse web site or search social media for the hashtag #furnacefestival.

"I use the word audacious... and that is rude, and impudent, and not accepting the traditional norms. These artists are being impudent, and that feels more important now than ever."