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Dec 19, 2015

Alex Wright is a Yorkshire-based theatre-maker who as a founder member of Belt Up Theatre reached national audiences with a series of immersive, free-form adaptations of well-known works. Since then he has set up The Flanagan Collective, with which he continues to adapt, write and direct a range of pieces.

For the past nine months he’s been part of a group—including artists, producers and a pub landlord—which has been responsible for The Fleeting Arms, a ramshackle, open pop-up arts venue run for and with York’s creative community.

The Fleeting Arms is due to close its doors as a performance venue on the 31 December 2015 and in its final month the whole building has been dedicated to a new, immersive adaptation of The Great Gatsby, which Alex has directed.

In this episode, Alex talks to BTG Yorkshire Editor Mark Smith about staging The Great Gatsby, how he approaches immersive performance and the experience of running a pop-up arts venue in the centre of York.

(Gatsby photo credit Ben Porter)